Legislative Update – Week of February 4th

The Kansas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has provided the following document to highlight important legislation to be addressed this week in Topeka that effects all Kansans. As you read through the document you will find important bits of information such as how many votes are required for a bill to be passed into law. Click here: February 1 2013 Legislative Update

Judicial Selection…the Governor’s way or Kansans way?

In 1958, the majority (58%) of Kansas citizens voted to implement the judicial selection process that is currently in place for Appellate Judges. Kansans made this decision in response to being outrageously duped by the states’ highest officials, the Republican governor, the Lientenant Governor, and the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court. Their scheme is known as the “Triple Play”. An editorial of the times reported “the deal was cloaked in deepest secrecy” that they knew “would not stand the light of day”  View the historical context here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaDlYCmm1Aw

Kansas’ Fiscal Cliff

Kansas is quickly becoming a state of deprivation and destitution as you will see in this flyer prepared by the Kansas Center for Economic Growth. Please stay informed and help your neighbors be informed. The extent to which there is awareness and knowledge, there and to that extent is the possiblity for influence and the redirection of this destructive path. Please read: KSFiscalCliff

The Assault on Unions in Kansas

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce lobbyist, Eric Stafford, admitted in committee on Wednesday, January 23rd, “I need this bill passed so we can get rid of public sector unions.” This is both an insult and assault on Kansas workers. The governor and a majority of representatives in the Kansas legislature are seeking to put an end to all unions in Kansas. HB 2023 and SB 31 are a direct attempt at silencing the hard working men and women of Kansas.

You can sign the petition below (blue highlight) in an effort to support ending these preposterous attempts to strip workers of their First Amendment rights simply because they chose to join a union… http://signon.org/sign/end-the-war-on-kansas?source=c.url&r_by=2671839

Stand Up for Healthy Families Rally – Friday, November 9th

The Kansas Health Consumer Coalition will host a rally on Friday, November 9th in support of healthier families and communities. 

Expanding the Medicaid program in 2014 could help provide access to more than 151,000 Kansans who right now are struggling to obtain affordable coverage. The Governor’s administration has hinted his office will hold off making a decision about the expansion until after the November elections. As election day is approaching, we need to start a dialogue about why expanding Medicaid would benefit Kansans.

Stand Up for Healthy Families

Friday, November 9, noon -1:00 pm

Kansas Statehouse – South Steps

300 SW 10th Avenue

Topeka, KS 66612

Women’s Equality THIS WEEK

Join the Celebration this Saturday. August 26, 2012 is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day, in recognition of the 92nd anniversary of women’s right to vote.  

The 20th Century was an era of phenomenal gains for women.  We won:

  • The Right to Vote
  • The Right to Equality at Work
  • The Right to Equal Education
  • The Right to Control our Reproductive Lives
  • Access to Social Services and Affordable Childcare for Needy Families and the Disabled
  • Affirmation that Civil Rights are Human Rights